Monday, January 30, 2006

White and Dark Meat: Hunks Match ( Part 2 )

Husband: The white stud and I move around flexing/stretching our bodies, with our eyes locked on each other; we are definetely planning our strategy for the match..."not so fast"...You say while stepping right between us and calling us to get closer to you..."I want my gifts not to be unwrapped first...I want you to fight wearing these skimpy gift wraps first."

As you slowly help me to put my white bikini on, I notice the emphasis you give on rubbing my large, hard thights, when your hands reach and hold my tool I cant help to leave a loud moan escape as your hands carefully place my tool back in its cloth restrain. I feel in heaven when your lips kiss my bulge, but when I see you do right the same to the white hunk I feel like falling to hell as rage fills me...cant wait to beat this white stud, get rid of him and have you all to myself..."I want you to fight in our bed next to me so I can touch both of you while you fight."...You say, my opponent and I agree and we follow you back into our bedroom where we all climb over our large bed.

As soon as you give the signal for the match to begin, the white stud jumps over me wrappeing his large arms tight around my body. When I start struggling to get free for a moment my eyes lock on you; I am sure you are enjoying the show, specially when I notice you dont have your bikini top on anymore, exposing your lovely tits and leaving them bounce free right front of our eyes.

My concentration fades because of your touch all over my body but then I notice my white opponents is hipnotized by your actions, not leaving him concentrate to squeeze me full strenght so taking advantage of it my hand snakes down to his bulge and cupping it I give it a hard tight squeeze, I can feel his balls and tool firmly trapped in my grip.

"Got you now!"...I say to him while smiling/winking at you..."he will be our toy soon my dear". I say in a confident tone.

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