Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Super Trish

(this story is submitted by a fan -Thank you very much!)
Trish was hot and she knew it. She was all woman, athletic and attractive, what men called a real babe, but she never cared much what men thought, she was more concerned with getting what she wanted, which she usually didn't have much trouble getting.

At the moment, she was lying on a blanket at the beach in a nice secluded spot, close to the lapping waves of the ocean and in between two sand dunes, not high ones, but high enough to shield her from others. She had removed her top, freeing her firm, rounded breasts, and in truth, the bottom of her bathing suit was more a mini-triangular patch of fabric in the front and a string slipping between the firm cheeks of her ass behind.

Coming upon her, you would think she was asleep, a tantalizing beach Goddess with a body to die for, which was exactly what she wanted. Through a squinted eye, she watched as three hunks appeared on top of the dune to her
left, all three of them with broad chests and bikini briefs passing for bathing suits, their packages beckoning in invitation beneath.

Trish remained motionless as the hunks started down toward her, a dark haired man in yellow briefs in the lead, his cock noticeably straining to burst out. Her trap was working, the three musclemen were being lured perfectly toward her. She was always amazed at how predictable men were, how they were no match for her, either physically or sexually.

The dark haired man was almost upon her, his erection straining against his briefs when Trish sat up and spun around to face him. His mouth opened agape as he stared at her exposed tits, and she smiled, a confident smile of a woman who was in control and knew it.

The man flinched for a second when Trish's hands reached for his suit and began pulling them down, his majestic cock jutting toward her, his two friends stopped in their tracks coming down the dune at the sight. Then, suddenly, the dark haired hunk was flying through the air, Trish pulling him toward her by his falling suit, her knee coming up to greet his throbbing penis as she dropped to her back and he was flipped over her, landing hard on his back.

She stood looking down at the hunk, who was stunned, the wind knocked out of him from the impact of landing so hard. The tip of his erect penis slipped out above the waistband of his suit, pre-cum oozing and glistening across it. Trish was impressed with his physique, his strong, muscular pecs, and rock solid abs, but there was no time to dwell on how she might enjoy his body, especially with the other two hunks bounding down toward her.

Trish finished the hunk quickly, bringing one knee down smack against his throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him instantly. She smiled, as his legs spasmed once and a geyser of male milk squirted out of the head of his cock, spreading out
and across his washboard belly.

To be continued...

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