Sunday, January 29, 2006

Agent Aika

For some reason, the Japanese had great fetish on female underwear. White panties so to speak. It was best illustrated on one of their raunchy animated series titled Agent Aika or simply “Aika.”

An animated adventure whose central character is the sinewy Aika Sumeragi; a professional salvager with a dark past whose side kick is the annoying teenage girl named Rion.

The story is set 20 years after a great catastrophe hits Japan. Since half of the oriental nation is under water, salvaging became a lucrative business.
Aika and Rion stumbled into a project were a mysterious energy called Lagu, was involved. This energy rests in the hands of a effeminate mad man named Hargen and his promiscuous sister Neena.

Aika’s adventure is filled with action, espionage stuff, comedy and sexy panty shots. Young, sexy unconscious girls in panties. Even Aika and Rion are not spared in flashing their white panties.

With this blog, are some hot pics from the show. For anime fans with a flair for Panty fetish, what are you waiting for, go to your nearest anime shop and look for video copy of Aika.

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