Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Match with Steph (Part 1)

By duncan s

We met for our underground match in the musky gym, after hours, to use their wrestling mats. I thought it would be an easy match. Steph, with chestnut brown hair tied in a loose pony tail, was a slender 120lbs, 5’5, curvaceous yet toned and with firm DD breasts. She stepped onto the mat wearing only a blue thong, double strapped at the hip where it arched high to accentuate her curves. By comparison my 190lb 5’10 muscled body should have crushed her. I stepped onto the mat wearing a skimpy, high cut silver wrestling g-string, my package barely contained.

For the first five minutes I thought I had her. Wrestling her into a lady-splits (legs pushed apart whilst my abs pressed hard against her stretched groin), then bending her over my shoulder in a breast-and-crotch grip backbreaker, I thought she’d submit. Despite moaning, she refused to yield. I lifted her from the mat after a snap-mare and prepared to apply a breast-grip from behind her.

That’s when I felt her toned butt slam into my crotch. Her butt cheeks seemed to grip around my shaft through the flimsy material of my g-string and suddenly her hands reached to the back of my neck. With a groan of exertion and she dropped her body and I was being tossed straight over her to the mat. I landed hard on my back, arching up in agony. I tried to get up quickly and turn the match back around but before I could get up properly I felt her arm grip around my neck, her hip thrust against my package, and then I was being hip tossed through the air to the mat.

A second time I tried to get up. I was about to stand my full height felt her weight suddenly pressing me back down, keeping me bent over. Then her thighs engulfed my head, allowing me a view of her bulging calfs. I felt her breasts pillow against my back as I was caught in this bent-over position and then her hands lock together under my stomach. I knew what was coming.

“UhhhHHHHHH!” she gasped.

As my body was lifted, the pain shifted from the side of my head to my neck. Inverted, head locked between her thighs, she shifted her hand grip, no longer needing them both – one hand around my abs, the other reached down my g-string and pulled out my erect penis (already peaking over the elastic before she did so). The slight bend in her knees kept me from passing out but as she masturbated me the spasms surged the pain in my neck.

“uuuuhhhnnnn….no please…steph….uhnnnn….i …I submit!!!” I moaned.
“grrrr…not acceptable…..” she hissed back. Surely she couldn’t hold me like this for long, I thought, as my cock threatened to burst into orgasm.

I got my answer. SLAMMMMM! I used my hands to absorb much of the piledriver but the impact still knocked me silly. On the brink of unconsciousness, my cock ready to explode with cum, I felt my body turned onto its back.

“I submit! I submit” I gurgled, slurring my words.
“I heard you the first time” Steph snapped back. “But I am going for a ko honey – ever heard of the Milkmaid’s Facesit?”. To my horror, I had, and I knew I was weak enough that she could pull it off. I tried to get up but she easily stopped me, dropping in the splits over my face, a text-book reverse face-sit. My feet kicked a little, as I started to see spots before my eyes, but even that was short-lived as she reached down and grabbed them, pulling them up into her embrace, folding me up. Her arms wrapped around my midsection, my face still buried under her crotch, and her breasts engulfed my penis. The Milkmaid’s Facesit. She started to gyrate her hips. Each thrust sent me closer to unconsciousness, and tightened her tits rubbing against my throbbing penis. With a final, throaty moan she thrust hard, squeezing my waist with body-breaking intensity. My body spasmed and with a muffled gasp I passed out – the last thing to go through my mind was the intense orgasm as my cum exploded in her cleavage.

I later learned that as she applied her winning thrust that she too had cum. I was off wrestling for 8 weeks due to neck injuries.

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