Monday, January 30, 2006

Plasma Gal

White and Dark Meat: Hunks Match ( Part 2 )

Husband: The white stud and I move around flexing/stretching our bodies, with our eyes locked on each other; we are definetely planning our strategy for the match..."not so fast"...You say while stepping right between us and calling us to get closer to you..."I want my gifts not to be unwrapped first...I want you to fight wearing these skimpy gift wraps first."

As you slowly help me to put my white bikini on, I notice the emphasis you give on rubbing my large, hard thights, when your hands reach and hold my tool I cant help to leave a loud moan escape as your hands carefully place my tool back in its cloth restrain. I feel in heaven when your lips kiss my bulge, but when I see you do right the same to the white hunk I feel like falling to hell as rage fills me...cant wait to beat this white stud, get rid of him and have you all to myself..."I want you to fight in our bed next to me so I can touch both of you while you fight."...You say, my opponent and I agree and we follow you back into our bedroom where we all climb over our large bed.

As soon as you give the signal for the match to begin, the white stud jumps over me wrappeing his large arms tight around my body. When I start struggling to get free for a moment my eyes lock on you; I am sure you are enjoying the show, specially when I notice you dont have your bikini top on anymore, exposing your lovely tits and leaving them bounce free right front of our eyes.

My concentration fades because of your touch all over my body but then I notice my white opponents is hipnotized by your actions, not leaving him concentrate to squeeze me full strenght so taking advantage of it my hand snakes down to his bulge and cupping it I give it a hard tight squeeze, I can feel his balls and tool firmly trapped in my grip.

"Got you now!"...I say to him while smiling/winking at you..."he will be our toy soon my dear". I say in a confident tone.

B.O.D.Z.SQUADS also wins

Big boys sometimes win.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Beach Brawl

It was a very peaceful sunny day at Boracay and Tasha was on vacation. There was no assignment at the LLIP Agency so Tasha took a day off.
She was lying in a blanket on the sand. Tasha was wearing a very skimpy two-piece, yellow bikini bathing suit without a bra, so that her 36 C tits are exposing to the sun. Two figures approached Tasha while she was sun bathing…. ”Hmmmmm…maybe tourist.” Tasha said to herself. Two sexy individuals move towards Tasha. At first she thought they were just going to asked her for some direction.
But they have other things in mind…

The two were American and naturally they are taller than Tasha which is of course a Filipina. One was a female. She’s a little bit 6-feet tall with long wavy blond hair. She was wearing a matching 2 piece cobalt blue satin bikini. You can easily see that this babe have this very beautiful pubic mound that is barely covered by the triangle of her bikini, as a small patch of thick, blonde, curly pubic hair peek on the side of her swimming suit. Her meat buttons are pocking on her bikini top, as it was straining to contain those large, fleshy buxom breast. She got this dark tan smooth skin and very long, silky legs. Next to her was her boyfriend, a tan, blonde American hunk. 6’3 and a ½ “frame of solid muscles. He sported a tiny blue bikini that showed off his muscle rump and barely restrain his big, bulging manhood which was clearly outlined as it was pressed against a thin, resisting fabric of his bikini. He got this large, barrel-like, smooth chest where you can see his proud nipples, some 21” guns and a deeply chiseled six-pack abs.

“Hey Tina!” shouted the hunk,
“Check her out!”
“Yeah Matt, I see her, and I’m impressed with this “native woman.”
Tasha thought to herself. “Well what can I do for you?” Tasha asked the sexy couple, thinking to be a little hospitable.
“Well...” said Matt, “I can fuck you to show you how good American boys are in the art of love making while my baby watched.”
Tasha was a little irritated by the response but she didn’t mind it.
“Well, I’m still better than you little native girl.” said the blonde chick.
“OK. Let see….” Tasha responded back.

Before the girl can make her reply, Tasha placed her foot on the blond girl’s pubic mound.
“Uhhhhhhh….” said the blonde babe.
“You like that?” Tasha asked as she started to rub her foot on the girl’s mound. Tasha can feel the thick pad of pubic hair that cushioned the blonde girl’s bikini. Matt was speechless. His bikini began to blow up. Tasha smiled at the young stud muffin. “So you like to see your girlfriend taken out this way?”

The young blonde babe looked at her boyfriend.
“He….lp…me Matt…ahhhhhh…”
Before Matt can react, Tasha gave his chiseled 6-pack a sensual belly-chopped.
Matt flip over into the sand. “Ohhhhhh, my guts!” cried Matt.

Tasha continues to massage the babe’s pubic mound using her foot. Then she saw a growing wetness began to appear on the girl’s bikini.
“Hmmmmm…OK!” Tasha was satisfied. Then without warning Tasha rammed her knee up to the blonde’s pubic bone, causing her to cry as she fell to the sand, her hands clutching her hurting womanhood. Tasha yanks the blonde girl’s hair and smashed her knees on her solar plexus.
The blonde girl drops in the sand. Tasha yanked the blonde’s bikini top, exposing her large jugs. “Now this will be fun.” Tasha began to land strong blows on those juggling tits. Sweat flew as Tasha’s fists sinks on those soft but firm bosoms. The blonde girl was releasing gagging moans when each fist landed on her jugs.
“Time to finish you honey, it was fun but I’ll have more fun after this, so …” Tasha lowered her wet crotch onto the blonde babe’s face while she tweaked the blonde girl’s hard nipples.

Matt was recovering and was starting to open his eyes when he saw what’s happening to his girlfriend. “No!!!! You can’t…” he yelled back and tries to get Tasha. But Tasha was quick compare to a hunky bodybuilder. Tasha grabbed and squeeze Matt’s cock shaft like a toothpaste tube. Matt shrieked as Tasha hand constricts his tube. His hand tried to release the grip. The grip sometimes turned into slow strokes.
Inside Matt’s head he was so surprised how a smaller girl have manage to defeat both tall, young American’s like them. His eyes sometimes opened to see this dark-skinned native girl is giving his girl friend a life ending face sit.

Matt knees buckled and fell in a kneeling position next to his girlfriend’s sides, his bulging basket touching his girlfriend’s tits. Well…even in the verge of defeat, it made Matt’s pecker was so stiff that at least 3 inches of Matt’s member began to show exposed above his bikini beltline.

Tasha smiled, tightening her grip more. Matt’s thick cock was in full blossom now. Some of it was still packed obscenely into a small bikini; the monstrous head of it was poking out and touching his belly button. , leaving a trail of cum goo on his navel.

Tasha looked down and saw the warm, moist fluid spilling from Matt’s stiffed cock. Matt’s body fell on top of Tina’s.

Tasha was still not done with Tina. She keeps grinding her wet pussy covered panty on Tina’s face. Tasha’s panty squashed against Tina’s nose. Tasha was engage in a vigorous face smother as her clit throbbing as it was rubbed back and forth from the blonde’s face. She began to slowly ride her face, rubbing her wet pussy back and forth across it.

The blonde’s legs kicked weakly as she slowly losing her struggle for breath, Tasha’s sopping pussy prevented her from getting air.

“Uhhhhhggghhh….”,moaned the blonde girl.

“Oh look at these poor dolls.”, Tasha said as she slowly released her ultra-sensitive crotch on the babe’s face and examine the wreckage she created. Two sexy losers lay at her feet. Tina’s tits were so shiny because of her sweat with some cum puddle courtesy of Matt. There is a large wet spot on Tina’s bikini. Matt laid face side on top of Tina in a crosswise fashion. His rump was in full glory, covered by his very skimpy bikini brief.

“Now the fun really begins.” Tasha said to herself as she flips Matt over. “Time for me to complete my victory.”
She knead near the American babe and began to lick the pubic area of the defeated young blonde girl on top of her wet bikini.

“Ohhhh…hmmmmm….” Tasha can smell the strong sensual fumes emitting from the defeated girl’s wet crotch. Her tongue glaze till it reaches the girl’s large, juicy tits biting and sucking each hard nipple. She then gave her attention to Matt’s body. She starts to hump Matt’s hard abs, rubbing her wet pussy on those natural wash boards till she have a silent orgasm. When she was finished with the rubbing, Matt’s abs shines because of her pussy juice. Then she gently peels his trunks off. Matt’s cock is forced downward as the bikini gets pulled down, and then his cock bounced back and hits his abs making a “thug” sound. Drops of cum flies out and hits Tasha on her tits and abs.

Tasha stars to stroke Matt’s hard cock slowly and gently lowers her wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhh… now who’s the sex toy now?” Tasha asked her self as she enjoys playing with both sexy bodies in front of her.
“Now this is what I called a vacation.”

The End



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Lyka's Fatal Embrace

Agent Aika

For some reason, the Japanese had great fetish on female underwear. White panties so to speak. It was best illustrated on one of their raunchy animated series titled Agent Aika or simply “Aika.”

An animated adventure whose central character is the sinewy Aika Sumeragi; a professional salvager with a dark past whose side kick is the annoying teenage girl named Rion.

The story is set 20 years after a great catastrophe hits Japan. Since half of the oriental nation is under water, salvaging became a lucrative business.
Aika and Rion stumbled into a project were a mysterious energy called Lagu, was involved. This energy rests in the hands of a effeminate mad man named Hargen and his promiscuous sister Neena.

Aika’s adventure is filled with action, espionage stuff, comedy and sexy panty shots. Young, sexy unconscious girls in panties. Even Aika and Rion are not spared in flashing their white panties.

With this blog, are some hot pics from the show. For anime fans with a flair for Panty fetish, what are you waiting for, go to your nearest anime shop and look for video copy of Aika.

Photo Pin-ups for January 30

Saturday, January 28, 2006

White and Dark Meat: Hunks Match

Me and my black husband were newly married and was in our honeymoon. That night we were both in bed ready to make the night on fire. I was there wearing only a skimpy pink bikini panty with matching bra while he's wearing a white bikini brief.

Black Hunk: As we lay on the bed with you over me I cant take my eyes off your lovely tits as they bounce free from your bikini top as you tease my belly tool`s head has already found a way to slide free of my bikini brief that was imprisoning it and now it can get more and more erect anxious for you...

...Suddenly, just when my fingers are about to reach your nipples a sound coming from the next room calls our attention.

I go investigate just to find a burglar. The burglar was startled (maybe because of the site of dark bodies in scanty underwear in front of him) Well...anyway. My wife asked me to remove his hood.

When removing his hood I find out that our unwanted visitor is a white man. Just when I am about to call the police your voice sounds behind me with your offer to the white hunk about leaving him go if he beats me or been our toy for the nite if i win.

Wife: I was impress with the white man's physique. "Hmmmmmmm not bad at all, what a waste if I would let go of this opportunity." The white man is very handsome, he just look like some hunky model. He got this baby-blue eyes and a nice thick blond hair. AND what is more impressing is his muscular body. "I think this will give my honeymoon a little more spice. "Since my black husbund also has the same muscular body, I think he's a match."

I asked the burglar to take his clothes off, which he did, exposing his large, barrel-like chest and a perfect wash board abs. "Hmmmmmmm zero body fats, just like my husband." I said to myself while my mind started to fantasized about both body lying in front of me.

I asked him to take off his pants which he did. the hunk is just wearing a very scanty light blue bikini brief. I notice that the guy's basket was bulging out, his clothes restrain was struggling to contain his massive man hood. "Not bad, not bad at all."

"So, would you like to challenge my husband with a wrestling match?" I asked the white stud-muffin, "If you defeat my husband, you can rape me and I will not call the police. But if you lose, you'll be my sex-doll for the rest of the month."

"Mmmmmmm..sound's good, I like the rewards." He said back as he looks at my body imagining God knows what.

"Is that OK with you?" I asked my macho husband back.

When he accepts, my ego goes down a little because it makes me feel that you think I am not good enough to fulfill your sex needs...encouraged to prove you that i can give you all what you want my hand rips my bikini brief off.

"I accept!"...I say as my erect hard tool bounces/swings free in front of the white hunk and your the wild it would be a demonstration of the alpha male to the challenger who looks to take the crown off his head to show him who is the best and save him the humilliation of defeat in front of the alpha female and the rest of the group.

Never the less the white hunk does not seem to get impressed and his only reaction is to remove his light blue bikini brief...a white tool gets revealed and even when it is not hard I notice perfectly, and I am sure that my wife has done it too, that his tool is as big as mine.

Turning to look at you..."Where do you want us to fight my love?" I say while my hand guides yours to my tool to make it rub it while all my muscles flex/stretch getting ready for what will come and without helping to get excited about it.

Wife: "Hmmmmmmmmmm....not so fast." I said to my husband and I called both fighter to be inspected. "I want my gifts not to be unwrapped first." So very sensually , I started to slipped both their bikinis on."I want you to fight wearing those skimpy gift wraps first."

As I slipped my husband's white bikini on, I give emphasis on rubbing my hands on his large, hard thights. Then I took his tool in my hand and carefully place it back in its cloth restrain. The bikini looks like a bulging pouch that I eagerly kissed. I then when to the white hunk to slip his light blue bikini on and gently licked his exposed groin area. Both have this bulging pouches bounsing in front of me.

" I want you to fight in our bed next to me so I can touch both of you while you fight." Both fighters agreed.

So we went back to the bedroom and climbed our large bed.

The fight begins.

The white stud never wasted his time. He grabbed my husband and wrapped his large arms on his muscular sides. I was impress to see large, sweaty white muscles wrapped on a muscular, dark, mahogany abs. I started to take my bikini tops off to expose my large 36 cc cup tits. The sound of masculine grunts turns me on.

I kneld in front of the battle and started to rub my husband's strain abs and started to insert my finger on his belly button. My hands glided to pinch his hard nipples and I let my soaking bikini mound to glaze the white hunk's muscular arms. My other hand began to rub my husband's bulging bikini.

"I can't wait for a loser..."
(To be continued...)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pin-ups for January 27

Here's a new set of 3D pin-ups depicting sexy girls defeating hunks and babes in erotic mortal combat. Enjoy!