Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Super Trish (Conclusion)

Trish was getting off on her feeling of power as she stood with a leg on each side of the naked hunk who lay dead on his belly,
the muscular cheeks of his ass glistening under the sun. The shaggy haired hunk coming at her, the front of his jockstrap type
bathing suit bulging to the point where it looked as if his cock would burst out, hesitated, looking at Trish with indecision, which only increased her confidence and excitement.

She loved it, what he must be thinking and wondering, He had seen her efficiently take apart with ease his two buddies, who were now dead, stripped naked in defeat, complete defeat in a fatal fight with a sexy woman in a skimpy bikini bottom. How humiliating it must feel to be so defeated by the opposite sex, Trish thought, as she tried to imagine her two previous victims frantic with fear and sexual longing before all went black and they were finished, beautiful naked male bodies now consigned to oblivion.

Just as she suspected, pride overwhelmed fear and the shaggy haired hunk made his move, but Trish was more than ready. He charged and suddenly stopped short when Trish's leg shot out and caught him right in the stomach. He doubled over, the tip of his cock slipping above the front of his mini-suit, and he was grimacing, as Trish's left leg came round and clipped him hard in the side of the head, knocking him over. Trish smiled with delight, as the hunk lay in the sand groaning and moaning. She surveyed his firm buttocks which were almost in full view as his jockstrap bathing suit only had a thin strip of fabric running down the crack of his ass.

Trish reached down and grabbed his suit's waistline by the back and flipped the hunk over onto his back, his cock now fully exposed, standing upright and trembling, the pouch containing his appendage now down around his thighs. Looking down into his eyes, Trish was almost overwhelmed with her sense of superiority, relishing in the sexual frustration reflected in his face, knowing that he had accepted his inevitable defeated and was begging for her to allow him to please have what would be the greatest orgasm of his life.

No problem, Trish decided, lying down and moving his head up toward her crotch, as she used her legs to tighten the scissors hold around his neck. She was on an angle, resting her head on her right arm, gazing at his trembling dick, pre-cum surrounding its head. What a myth, she laughed to herself. Men, it was hard to believe that anyone could seriously think of a
penis as a formidable weapon. She had more than proved that the shaggy haired hunk was no match for her, but she wasn't sadistic, she felt he deserved relief.

Without releasing his neck from the inescapable vice of her legs, Trish shifted position and with one hand cupping his balls, she stroked his erect throbbing cock with her other. He was groaning with a combination of pain and the anticipation of complete pleasure. Trish was in complete control, bringing him to the brink and then denying him release. Then, finally realizing it was getting late and she had other places to be, she quickened the pace until he hunk screamed with ecstasy and a geyser of cum squirted out of his dick, falling back down and spreading across his belly.

Trish wondered why he thought he was safe, curious that he would ever think that she would spare him. How ridiculous. She
tightened her legs, squeezing and closing his windpipe, relaxing as she watched his legs kicking wildly, then slowing their movement, and then it was over, another dead hunk whom she could add to her list.

She stood up and sighed with satisfaction. One last thing, she thought. She strutted over to her first victim, the dark haired hunk who had previously been wearing a yellow suit and dragged him across the sand until his naked corpse lay next to shaggy hair. Then she repeated the same move with victim number two, the blond naked hunk.

Trish admired their muscular bodies. Amazing, all three still had cocks erect and jutting up, almost as if in homage to her superiority. Three dead cocks, she laughed, all due to her. They certainly messed with the wrong girl, with the outcome Turning out much different than they could have ever expected.

Taking one last look at her three conquests lying naked in a row, Trish blew them a farewell kiss, before gathering her belongings up and heading toward her car. As she began the drive home, she hoped that the defeated hunks were discovered by a woman, a woman seeking seclusion at the beach like she had been. She wondered how long the hunks would remain hard. She also wondered if the imaginary woman who discovered their bodies would ever think that it was possible that the three muscular men, lying dead in all their glory, had been killed by a woman, a woman whose name was definitely "Super Trish."

The End

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