Friday, February 17, 2006

Amazon Attorney's Revenge

by "Rich"

"You have to be kidding. Why are you bothering me about this?" I asked quietly and confidently seated in my plush chair from behind a solid mahogany desk. "Mr. Evans, several women on your staff have hired me to protect them
from you. Basically, they are afraid of you.", the young attorney answered.
Before continuing, I eyed her closely. Michele was certainly a beauty, with long dark hair and a face and body to die for. She was dressed in a black business suit with a nice short skirt and tight white blouse that neatly displayed the curve of her breasts. She was young, about 28, and I had complete confidence that there was nothing legally that she could do to me.
After all, I was a powerful man who owned the company and everything in it, plus my secretaries had complained about me to every government agency that they could find, but nothing ever came of it.

"Evans, your behavior has to stop. You have forced these women into sex; not to mention the remarks and ass slaps etc., and I AM going to stop you." With that, Michele shifted in her chair in such a way that her sexy short skirt
crawled higher up her delectable thigh. My mouth watered. I could see that she was as tough as she was beautiful, and she definitely had my attention.

"Michele, you have no case. Sure I have fucked many of my girls, probably knocked a couple up and slapped them around a little, but that's the price they have to pay to keep their jobs. Not a single one will testify against me, I guess you could say that they have to please their boss." I laughed.

At that she stood up, moved over to my desk and sat on the edge of it quite near to me. I was speechless as I could see the lacey tops of her black stockings and the tips of the matching garters supporting them. My admiration was clearly displayed by the small but insistent bulge showing in my pants. Michele leaned very close, and staring straight into my eyes, she reached down and began lightly stroking the front of my trousers with her fingernails. She smiled, "You are right, maybe I don't have a case, but you also know that I don't give up very easily. I can keep taking you and this company to court for the next
ten years until you go bankrupt and lose everything. Neither of us want that, so I have something else in mind that could settle this once and for all. You like your sex a little rough don't you?"

"Yyyyes." I managed to stammer. "Then I have a little contest for you. Let's you and me settle this thing man to man." She said still stroking slowly. My eyes were half closed and my thinking was being done by my raging hardon. I wanted her badly, but caution made me hold my tongue. "Of course, maybe you're afraid that a little cock like yours wouldn't stand a chance against me. Your victims all mentioned that you really weren't much of a man in bed, and I'm betting that you aren't much of a man in a fight..." She taunted. "You bitch! I'm gonna kick your ass and then ream it until it bleeds!" I roared at her. "That sounds like a challenge to me." She smiled coyly never letting up the pressure on my trouser front. "Now, tell me about
this contest before I take you right here." I demanded.

She threw back her head and laughed out loud, her long black hair covering her face. "It's very simple. Its called a cockfight." My eyes flew open. "How does it work since you don't have a cock?" I asked suspiciously. "Very simple, we go into the conference room right now and I'll strap on a dildo. We will be totally naked and stand toe to toe while a single piece of
tape is placed around both of our cocks to hold them together. We will take turns exchanging punches one at a time, and if the person receiving the blow loses cock to cock contact, the hitter gets to hit a second time and so on until one of us goes down and can't get up." She went on to explain. "But, if the person being hit keeps contact, then it is their turn to throw the next punch."

I looked her over carefully, she was about 5'6" and around 120 pounds, with a tight body that showed she worked out some,but she would never be able to take punches from me. I had been in a few fights in my time and hadn't done badly against some pretty tough competition. This wouldn't be a contest.

"Of course", she continued, "we will need a referee to keep the fight fair, and maybe some of your secretaries as witnesses". "I don't know about that...." I hesitated. "What's the matter, afraid of them seeing you getting beaten by a woman? After all, you control most of them anyway, so what's the problem?" She demanded. "What do I get when I beat you?" I asked. "You can have me anywhere, anytime and as often as you like, plus you can have every other woman in the room with the same deal." Michele put her face close to mine and continued with an edgeof toughness in her voice, "BUT when you lose to me, you will sign a confession detailling your crimes against these women, and then I will fix it so you never hurt another woman again." "Deal?"
"Well, I don't know, the stakes are pretty high....", I hesitated.
With an air of indifference she said, "If don't think you are man enough to take the deal...." That did it, and I snapped at her, "You have a deal!". I knew this was going to be the easiest piece of ass I had had yet.

With that, Michele got up gave me a wanton look and strutted toward the door swinging her sexy bottom. "Come on tough guy, I want to finish you before quitting time." She called back over her shoulder. I followed her into the large conference room where the twelve or so secretaries were seated around the walls and the center was already cleared of furniture to make room for the fight.
Michele turned to me, removed her blazer and immediately began unbuttoning her white satin blouse while I stood transfixed. "Come on, Evans get undressed.... you aren't thinking of changing your mind are you? Maybe you are afraid that these womenwill laugh when you drop your pants." Michele
challenged as her blouse and bra were thrown aside. Pissed off by her taunts, I stripped quickly until every stitch was thrown aside. My 4" of manhood was standing straight up in salute of her beauty. By this time, Michele had also finished undressing, but left on her black garter belt and stockings, beautifully framing both her bottom and her bush. I could see that she was nicely toned and lightly muscled, but nothing that I couldn't handle easily.

Chrissy, my secretary helped her to put on a realistic looking flesh colored strapon that dwarfed my cock by comparison. It must have been 10" long and thick as a silver dollar. All in all it was a wicked looking thing. Chrissy made us stand toe to toe as she lifted Michele's rubber cock and pulled my little hardon down to meet it. With that, she ran a single strip of medical tape around both cocks and with us tenuously tied together, she stepped aside. We were standing very close together so that there wasn't much room for error.

"Why don't you take the first shot, tough guy?" Michele asked putting her emphasis on the last two words. "Okay, but when you wake up, remember our deal."

I bunched my right fist and jabbed it hard into her midsection. To my utter surprise, she moved slightly from the blow, but kept contact. Chrissy stepped in and checked the tape. "Now it's my turn." She hissed menacingly. I tensed my body as she balled up her fist and smashed it into my left eye. My eye socket exploded with pain and blood began to run into my eye as I staggered backwards breaking contact. I was able to gather my wits as Chrissy pushed us back into position and taped us back together.
"Michele's turn again." She announced. Once again, I watched helplessly as Michele swung her fist into my jaw. I heard a loud cracking sound, staggered and almost fell from the force. My head was swimming from the pain as Chrissy put us back together again. In a loud voice she announced again, "Michele's turn again, you broke contact."

"You bitch, I think you broke my jaw!" .
"Shut up, I'm not done with you yet." She threatened. Once set, Michele struck me hard in the nose as a geyser of blood spurted from my nostrils. I was in serious trouble, my reactions were slowed, my nose and jaw felt as though they were broken, and I was blinded by the blood in my left eye. This woman was destroying my face and would probably kill me if it continued very long.
"Come on, you're a big tough man. Get back here and let me try again. After all, I'm probably getting tired and you may get another turn." She teased me as Chrissy pulled me back into place. I
closed my eyes as Michele wound up. "Crack!" My face exploded in pain again, the room was spinning and I felt myself fighting not to black out. My knees buckled under me and I dropped to my knees in front of her. "Come on, get up. I get to hit again." She ordered.

My world was spinning and it was all I could do to stay upright. I kept trying to get up, but my wobbily legs wouldn't supportmy weight. I knew then that I couldn't take another blow from her. "What's the matter? Want to quit?"

Michele laughed out loud as she slowly stroked the length of her monster strapon. "Here is what I do to quitters, first I'm going to make you suck this cock and then I am going to rip your ass apart with it. After that you will wear panties and a bra to show everyone what a sissy quitter you are!!! Still want to quit or would you rather go out as a man?" As I kneeled
staring up at her monster cock, I made my decision. "Please don't do this to me." I begged through my bloody swollen lips. "I want to go out like a man.."

She smiled down at my busted up face and said, "I will grant your wish. Just sign the confession." She thrust the paper and pen at me. I took it and Chrissy helped to guide my hand so as to sign it in the proper place. "There, I signed your paper, now please have mercy on me..." I grovelled at her feet.

"You want to go out like a man, so here goes!" With that, Michele wound up and connected up under my jaw with a vicious uppercut that almost lifted me off the ground and sent me flying onto my back. The world went black. When I awoke, I could hear the other women cheering wildly, "Take them! Take them! Take them!" With that, Michele bent over my prostrate body while Chrissy handed her a large silver knife. She snatched up my cock and balls in one powerful hand and pulled them tight. The knife flashed as she severed my manhood. Michele, my conqueror had taken her prizes as she stood over me and waved her new trophies in triumph.

I would never again hurt another woman.

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